Mini Christmas Raglan Sweater Ornament Pattern

Love me some Christmas. I’m so in the Christmas spirit. I wrote this pattern in my bed this morning and I took the pics at the mall while having my coffee.

It’s a raglan sweater. You can always look up raglan on YouTube to see what it’s all about.

Please try it out and tell me what you think. You can use smaller or larger needles to get different results.


Mini Christmas Raglan Sweater Ornament

Yarn: DK #3 or Worsted Weight #4

Needle: 3.25mm/US3/UK10


Work 4 pieces exactly alike.

Cast on 6 st

Row 1-3: Work in k1, p1.

Row 4: Inc. k2 M1, k3, M1, k2. – 8 st

Row 5-7: work in stockinette (p1 row, k1 row) note: I added 2 more rows for front and back of sweater.

Row 8: Dec. sl1, k1, psso, k to end.

Row 9: Dec. sl1, p1, psso, p to end.

Repeat Rows 8&9 until 3 sts on needle.

Sew sleeve seams to sweater seams as per picture. This will show the raglan style.

Make neck collar as follows:

Pick up and knit 8 stitches from neck and sleeves. Work in k1, p1 for 6 rows. Cast off.

Stitch together remainder of sweater and neck opening. Turn down neck and weave in all ends.


Sew the sleeves raglan to the sweater.


My first socks pattern

I crochet a lot and knit too. Just crochet much more than I knit. Beside that I write my own patterns. It takes creativity and lots of ripping or frogging as the British would say, in other words time, time, and more time. I will never say it’s hard work as I totally love what I do. It’s my passion to always be playing with yarn, crocheting and knitting and challenging myself by writing patterns. This pair of hippie socks are the first socks pattern I ever attempted and I must say it’s also my best seller.

For all crochet and knit patterns check these links:

Dylana Designs


New PATTERN: Extra Wide Crochet Headband in 3 different design.

I am in my pattern writing mood, so today I posted an, extra wide crochet headband pattern that I have been working on for the last couple weeks.

The first one I attempted was the rainbow design, then I made a variegated/plain one. And last but not least


I made the Rasta, why not because after all Rasta is my favourite colour combination to work with anyday.

I hope you like it. Remember if you get stuck you can contact me anytime via my email

Find the pattern in my Etsy shop Dylana Designs >>>>Β Extra Wide Crochet Headband



Testers needed for this crochet boy shorts pattern

I have made a couple different shorts pattern in my lifetime and just finished this new crochet boy shorts pattern. Would totally love a few people to test pattern for me and provideΒ feedback in the next 10 days.

Here is the written pattern, pictures of the shorts can be found in my Etsy shop:Β pic of boy shorts

Crochet Rasta Boy Shorts
Finished Size and Measurements:
Waist: up to 36 inches// 91.4 cm with adjustable drawstring
Hip: 40 inches // 102 cm
Length from Waist to edge of Leg: 13 inches // 33 cm
Leg Width: 26 inches // 66 cm

Material: 3 balls Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn #4 – 70.9 g Balls/120 yds//109 m
I have used Lily Sugar β€˜n Cream by Yarninspirations in Mod Green, Sunshine, Red and Black

Crochet Hook: 8.00mm//US11/L

Gauge: 11sts // 4”// 10cm
note: this pattern can be worked in one colour as well, ignore the colour changes note: after working each colour leave a 15” tail for sewing.

Using RED, Chain 64.

Row 1: dc in 4th ch from hook an in each ch across, turn – 60 dc

Row 2 to 4: Β ch3, work dc in between each dc, working last dc in top of turning ch-3, turn

Row 5: (decrease for front and back) ss in first 6 dc, ch3, dc in between each dc, leaving last 5 dc unworked, turn

Row 6: (decrease row) ch3, dc in between next 24 dc, 2dctog over next 2 dc, dc in between each dc to end, working last dc in top of turning ch-3, turn.

Using Β SUNSHINE from row 7 to 12 and MOD GREEN from row 13 to 18

Row 7 and 8:
(decrease rows) ch3, 2dctog, dc in between each dc working 2dctog over 2dctog of previous row, dc in between each dc to last 2dc, work 2dctog over last 2 dc, turn.

Row 9 to 18: ch3, dc in between each dc to end, turn.


Row 19: ch1, sc in each sc to end. End off.

Make 2nd side of shorts to correspond with first side, reversing all shapings.

note: when sewing together pieces, use yellow to stitch yellow, red for red, and so forth.

Place the 2 pieces on top of one another and sew the 2 seams/curves at front and back of shorts. Now lay them together so that they look like pants and sew the crotch seams.

Rnd 1 and 2: Sc around the full band of shorts. End off.

Sc around both leg edges of shorts. End off.

Working with 1 strand of yarn make a length of chain long enough to lace through the top of the shorts and tie a bow, this should be at least 50 inches long.
ch – chain
dc – double crochet
sc – single crochet
ss – slip stitch
st(s) – stitch, stitches


Knit Basketweave Cowl & Hat Pattern

Surely I know that I have spent at least half my life knitting and crocheting. I can never really choose which I like best. I keep noticing that I tend to crochet more and realize that it’s because crochet items sell really well in my Etsy shop.

After all that babble I have dedicated 2018 to write more knitting patterns. Not to worry I will surely keep putting out crochet patterns I will just be more mindful to add more knit patterns to my repertoire.

This Knit Basketweave Cowl and Hat Pattern is very easy. If you have never used circular needles or double-pointed needles then this is the pattern for you to try.

Knit Basketweave Cowl & Hat PDF

Remember I am always available via email at to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

A knit pattern I just had to write…

… and guess what it’s free to you. Let me know if you tried it and liked it. I will be waiting to find out. πŸ˜ƒThanking my very dedicated clients for a wonderful 2017 year inΒ my shop.
Knitting is sharing this new Knit Plaited Cable Hat pattern I wrote a few weeks ago. It’s available in 2 sizes – Regular and Large.

Regular/Average: 20-22 inches // 51-56 cm Large: 22-24 inches // 55.9-61 cm
Length to top: 10 inches // 25.4 cm & 12 inches // 30.5 cm
Materials: 2 balls of 100g/100m/109yds/3.5 ozs.
ght yarn #5 in any brand. I used Loops & Threads Charisma in Red
Knitting Needles: 6.00mm/USJ10/UK4 Circular Knitting Needle or 4/double-pointed Needles & Cable Needle (note: the shortest length circular needles you can find would work best)
Yarn Needle
Pompom Maker (optional)
Gauge: 17 sts x 18 rows = 4”x4” or 10x10cm (measured ribbing)CO 80(96)
(note: the entire hat is worked on the right side and in the round)

Rnd 1 through 7: K1, P1. Move marker up as you knit each rnd.

Plait Pattern is worked on a multiple of 16 stitches.
CBL8F: slip next 4 sts onto a cable needle and leave at front of work, K4, then K sts from cable needle.

CBL8B: slip next 4 sts onto cable needle and leave at back of work, K4, then K sts from cable needle.

Start HAT here>>> Rnd 1 & 2: P4, *K12, P4, rep from * to marker.

Rnd 3: P4, *K4, CBL8F, P4, rep from * to marker.

Rnd 4, 5 & 6: P4, *K12, P4, rep from * to marker.

Rnd 7: P4, *CBL8B, K4, P4, rep from * to marker. Ending with a K12.

Rnd 8: P4, *K12, P4, rep from * to marker.

These 8 rnds form pattern. Rep until Hat is your desired length. End with a Rnd 3 or 7.

Next 2 Rnds: p2tog on P sts, and k2tog on K sts – 20(24)sts.

Leave a long tail and thread through the rem sts and pull tightly to form top of hat. Cut yarn and weave in all ends. Optional: You can add a pom-pom if you desire.

Abbreviations: CO – cast on, K – knitk2tog – knit 2 together (decrease), P – Purlp2tog – purl 2 together (decrease), rem – remaining, rep – repeat, rnd(s) – round, rounds, sc – single crochet, ss – slip stitch, st(s) – stitch; stitches

Now go and enjoy making this beautiful knitted hat. And please, please, please remember I’m only human and if there are any errors, comments or concerns, please let me know. Here is Printable PDF of Knit Plaited Hat, if you prefer a clean copy. xoxoxo